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Nonny's Nest Candle Co.

Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser

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*Car diffusers are made to order to ensure maximum scent life. Please allow up to 2-5 business days to ship, but usually ships sooner.**

Now you can enjoy your favorite scents on the go!  Car diffusers are a stylish way to bring high quality scents into your car (or really any small space), give as a gift, or as party/wedding/shower favors.  

Have a large order or want to order wholesale at a discounted rate, message me for details.

So, how does a car diffuser work?  It's really quite simple!


STEP 1:  Unscrew the wooden cap and gently remove the plastic stopper.

STEP 2:  Screw the wooden cap back onto the bottle until secure.

STEP 3:  Tip the diffuser upside down a few times to allow the wooden cap to become saturated (but not to saturated) with fragrance oil,.

STEP 4:  Turn the bottle upright and remove the wooden cap.

STEP 5:  Insert the stopper and screw the wooden cap back on again.

STEP 6:  Hang the bottle (make sure it is tied securely) and enjoy!

STEP 7:  Repeat above steps to refresh your scent.

*Nonny's Nest Candle Co. is not liable for damages caused by leaked or spilled oil.  Wipe any leakage or spilled oil immediately with a cloth.  By purchasing this product, you release Nonny's Nest Cande Co. from any liability.

*Do NOT drink.  Keep away from children and pets. Keep away from eyes.

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