Collection: Wickless Candle Collection

What are they, you ask? Wickless candles are exactly what they sound like. They are candles without a wick that you put on a wax warmer. Wickless candles are flameless, do not produce smoke or soot and they are a safer option for smaller spaces or if you have small children and pets. They are also becoming quite popular and are ideal for the office, dorm room, RV's and campers, and places where an open flame would not be safe or allowed. A wickless candle still has the look of a traditional candle, but is heated by the warmer from the bottom up, allowing the fragrance of your favorite scents to fill the space. The wax itself will not evaporate, however, the fragrance will dissipate over time until there is no scent left.

Each of our wickless candles are hand poured in small batches using all natural soy wax and 100% phthalate-free clean fragrance oils.